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The Chainsaw Sawing Artist

The chainsaw sawyer artist has been doing chainsaw art for 56 years. He has been using chainsaws for 57 years. He has now produced over 55500 pieces of art.

Ray the sawyer

Ray Murphy is the world's first chainsaw sawyer artist.He started using chainsaws at the age of 10. He has made the world's smallest and the world's fastest sawyer art. He was filmed by Ripley's "believe it or not" doing the seven things he is famous for. When the film crew was here, Ray sliced two cucumbers in mid-air at the same time with a chainsaw in each hand.

The seven feats that were filmed for Ripley's are unique. Ray sawed the English alphabet on a pencil and sharpened it. In 1981, Ripley's published this world wide. It is also in Ripley's trivia game made in 1984 which went world wide.

The hardest of the seven is to saw 10 numbers on a tooth pick. Ray saws names on wooden belt buckles while being worn by live persons. Ray can saw two art pieces at the same time with a saw in each hand. Ray saws a chair out of a log in 10 seconds. Sawing his name on the head of a kitchen match without lighting the match is a fun one for Ray.

Ray The Chainsaw Sawyer ArtistTM has put together the World's Number One Chainsaw Sawyer Art Stage Show. Live performances doing the things in Ripley's can be seen during the summer months at Hancock, Maine.Ray does the world's fastest and the world's smallest chainsaw sawyer art.